The REHRC is a non-profit santuary dedicated to rehabilitating horses with hoof and behavioral problems.   Donations are needed and very much appreciated.

Equines come to the Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center to be treated for hoof ailments caused by neglect, incorrect trimming and shoes.   Horses who have suffered from chronic laminitis and abscesses find relief when their hooves start treatment using correct hoof trimming practices, as well as improvements in diet and environment.

Some of our horses come to us as serious starvation and neglect cases.  We haul them to our facility and rehab and place them into foster care - or they become permanent residents while their hooves become training tools for those interested in learning natural hoof care during our trimming clinics, as well as therapy horses for kids and adults.  We are currently supporting 30 equines.

Please take a moment to browse our site and meet our equine residents.  We are working on articles to help educate horse owners about issues that affect their horse's hooves from time to time as well as a new ebook, companion to our How to Trim DVD.

Thank you, 
Rich Wagner
Patricia Morgan Wagner
Learn to trim your own horses the right way!
  Proceeds will directly benefit our equines with our DVD
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 "Discovering Your Horse’s Natural Hooves - How to Trim the Barefoot Horse."  
Our Mission:  Rescue unwanted equines in need of hoof rehabilitation, and provide equines with chronic lameness a safe sanctuary and purposeful lives offering children and adults confidence-building lessons, as well as educating students of natural hoofcare.
Our hoof trimming business is Heel First Landings, Inc.  Our website is currently under re-construction. 

Shoes are most "necessary" for hooves that have been damaged by shoes. Their use is archaic and steeped in an ignorant tradition that arose out of extreme selfishness. We have known this for at least 200 years now. The responsibility for our horses is coming to rightly rest with each of US now. If you choose to allow someone else to think for you and dictate tradition to your horses, YOU are the one responsible for the unsoundness in your horses. Empower yourself with what horses need to be sound--refuse to be victimized by tradition--move in to your happiness with your happy horses.  Tomas G. Teskey, DVM
With the Amazon Smile program, if you choose REHRC as your charity of choice, each time you shop Amazon.com REHRC will receive 5% donation on eligible purchases at no cost to you!