The Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center is a dream come true for us.  When we moved to our ten acres, the only building on the property was a small shed that was used for hay storage, and the fencing wasn’t much more than a few loose strands of rusty barbed wire that once  contained the resident cows.

We have worked diligently to turn our small farm into a sanctuary for horses with hoof ailments or behavioral issues that caused hoof care to be impossible for them.  We also opened our home to students interested in learning about natural hoof care.

Equines come to the Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center to be treated for hoof ailments caused by neglect, shoes, and incorrect trimming.   Horses who suffer from chronic laminitis and abscesses find relief when their hooves are under the treatment of natural hoof care protocals.

Horses may be treated here and returned to their owners upon recovery or after we have done everything we can to help.  Sadly, we are often seen as a last hope for some horses and by the time they get to us their hooves are beyond saving.

The fortunate horses are rescued, rehabbed and re-homed - or become permanent residents and their hooves become training tools for those interested in learning natural hoof care.

Hoof ailments, due to the lack of proper care, could soon over-take colic as the leading cause of death in equines.  At the REHRC, we are working to reverse this trend.

To further our dream, we hope to someday find the means to purchase more land and open an equine sanctuary where equines with all sorts of challenges can come to live out their lives while receiving important regular hoofcare.    We also hope to create a school where students of natural hoofcare can come to learn and improve their skills while keeping the resident horses hooves healthy.

If you would like to donate to the care of the horses here, any and all donations are needed and appreciated. 

All proceeds from the purchase of our DVD, "Discovering Your Horse's Natural Hooves" and our hoof trimming clinics and tools go directly to the feeding and care of our equine residents.

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Hoof Rehabilitation Practitioner,        Horse handler
Clinician Property Manager
Our Mission:  To rehabilitate the hooves and lives of equines in need and place the ones who can be re-homed to continue a natural life of barefoot soundness with their new perfect partners.

Shoes are most "necessary" for hooves that have been damaged by shoes. Their use is archaic and steeped in an ignorant tradition that arose out of extreme selfishness. We have known this for at least 200 years now. The responsibility for our horses is coming to rightly rest with each of US now. If you choose to allow someone else to think for you and dictate tradition to your horses, YOU are the one responsible for the unsoundness in your horses. Empower yourself with what horses need to be sound--refuse to be victimized by tradition--move in to your happiness with your happy horses.  Tomas G. Teskey, DVM