Mrs Linda McAuliffe-Roderick of Lithonia, Georgia, became aware of Banshee's plight and Bunny's heartache through a common chat room.

Linda's kind heart went out to Bunny and Banshee when she learned about Banshee's suffering with painful hooves. 

Linda must have been impressed with Bunny's fortitude and the care we offered Banshee that she named  our facility one of her favorite charities.  We were not aware of that until recently when sadly, Linda passed away.

Bunny and Banshee in happier times.
One day in August 2012, out of the blue Bunny McCabe called me about her 26 year old Arab mare.  Banshee was really suffering and no one seemed to be able to help her.  The veterinarian thought she had injured her back, so Bunny was advised to call an equine chiropractor to help.  He said he couldn't help her, but a farrier was called in to put shoes on Banshee's hind feet to support her back.  This went on for months while Banshee was actually suffering white line abscesses and possible founder and the shoes worsened her condition and her pain.

We discussed her case and as it turned out a veterinarian from Arizona was coming to our facility the following weekend. Dr. Teskey, a proponent of unshod hooves was due to come to our place for a 3 day clinic educating vets, farriers, and trimmers about hoof function and anatomy.  Dr. Teskey checked and trimmed Banshee’s hooves. He then recommended she be transported to REHRC for her care and to make her more comfortable.  Sadly, the damage to her hooves was so far advanced that we couldn't turn her condition around.  Twelve days after she arrived here, the decision was made to end her suffering .  We set her spirit free on August 28th.
Obvious abscess rupture.   Bunny educated herself as to what she was seeing here and that's when she found us.  We found this same issue in all four hooves.
Banshee was still laying down so much of the time that her bed sores became as much of a pain management issue as her hooves.  We tried to keep her covered in all the areas that were in contact with the shavings.  Even at her worst, Banshee was as dignified and beautiful as ever.  She was so stoic in her worst pain.  It was an honor to be a part of this mare's life.  I so wished we had been called in sooner. it may have ended differently for her.
Banshee brought so many people together in her last days.
Banshee was on strong pain meds, probiotics and other herbal supplements.  Rehab boots were her saving grace, and she was now bedded in a cool stall, with a fan, and deep shaving.  Her bed sores she arrived with had to be continually tended to.  The pretty mare was in a lot of pain, and she was truely a fighter.
This is Banshee when we met her.  Most of her time was being spent laying down during the really warm summer months.
Banshee, on a good day after she came to REHRC.
Banshee ready for her ride to our facility.  She seemed to know she was on board for getting  the help she needed.
On August 28, 2012 Banshee left us with the same dignity we saw in her when she was alive.  It was a sad for us all.
Linda's family requested that her friends send donations in her memory to her favorite charities.  We didn't know Linda, but we certainly can imagine her wonderful spirit.

Linda's kind heart went out to Bunny and Banshee when she learned about Banshee's suffering with painful hooves.  Her hoof issues were misdiagnosed by a vet as a back injury and that mistake cost Banshee prescious time. 

She was actually suffering from undetected multiple abscesses in her hooves. Sadly, by the time we were called into Banshee's case, the damage was so extensive, she lost her battle with degeneration of the bones inside her hooves. 

It was such a traumatic and sad day for Barbara (Bunny) and for us.  Banshee had such a will to live that she pushed through her pain as long as she could.  I imagine Linda could relate to what poor Banshee was going through and now both are together in heaven.  Barbara's love for that mare was and is still so far reaching, it's truely amazing.  Barbara, Banshee and Linda will always have a tie to one another and they will always be our hearts as well. 

Donations recently received in memory of Linda McAuliffe-Roderick and Banshee.
Carol Martensson, Sweden
Robert Linford, UK
Nonie Kearney, Brunswick, GA, USA

Words don't express our sincere appreciation for your kindness and generousity.

In Memory of Banshee and Linda