Discovering Your Horse's Natural Hooves - How to Trim the Barefoot Horse

Learn how to perform the barefoot natural trim. We review the tools you will need with recommendations on which tools to purchase.  Demonstrations of trimming including the donkey/mule hoof and discussion of the most common hoof ailment - while line abscesses.

The DVD is divided into chapters so you can easily access the information you're seeking. 

We don't go into correcting severe hoof ailments, so we are working on a companian ebook.

We hope this will be a wonderful stepping stone on your journey into natural hoof care and one of many tools you choose on your way to becoming your horse's ally for their healthiest hooves.

This DVD could change your life, and your horses' lives, in ways you never imagined.

We welcome feedback! 

Remember!  Proceeds from the DVD and our tools benefit the 25 equines currently with us at our hoof rehab center.  And we thank you for your generous support.
From the chapter on nutrition.  Note: The horse out in front is Hank - diagnosed as navicular but we're not so sure!
Tool handling.
Trimming the donkey/mule hoof - starring Roger!
Pictures from the DVD!
Click on picture to see youtube trailer of the DVD
There is a chapter on booting with Danny.                 He's super excited about the DVD.
A few testimonials from those who have purchased and watched the DVD:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I have Pete Ramey's and Jaime Jackson's, and your DVD is just easier to understand and follow.  For the average person with horses with normal feet, this is the BEST video hands down.  I think that many problems like white line, cracks, chips, navicular and other problems will be solved if people just follow your dvd and keep up with the trims and follow your advice on turn-out and nutrition. 
Tammy's Rope Tack, Oneida, NY

Your Video is outstanding!
Leslie G. Wills
Sergeant, Houston Police Department
Mounted Patrol

In desperation I ordered this video - not at all expecting a high-quality video with very well articulated explanations accompanied by great video. I'm a reporter/producer who does national PBS stories and I am hugely impressed with the quality of this video. I've learned so much already and I'm not even done watching.  Thank you, Pat.  
Stephanie O’Neill.

Great job!  I won't say I was surprised because I did see the trailer on YouTube but the production quality was just great.  The sound and picture quality was wonderful.  I loved the music.  It fit perfectly and was not distracting at all.  Someone was great on the camera.  The views of your trimming were perfectly clear and made understanding easy.  You have a great teaching style and voice.  I wish you were closer.  I would love to learn from you directly.  Your organization and presentation was so good I'm not sure it left me with questions other than the ones I don't know enough to ask yet. 
Howard Tunick, DDS, CT

I wanted to write and say thank you so much for making such a wonderful hoof trimming video.  This is one of the most beneficial horse videos I have ever watched and I have watched a lot of them.  You made the process of trimming so easy to understand it left me super excited about what I had learned.  I have watched several trimming videos and several of them were using words I didn't understand or offered incorrect knowledge therefor I didn't learn much.  Keep up the good work.  I will keep an eye out for any future videos you might put out and share your info with friends.  Thanks again!
Marcie Releford, TN

The DVD arrived yesterday and I watched it immediately. Twice!  The DVD is terrific! Very informative, great quality, and just the 
motivation needed!  It is exactly what I needed.  I've visited all the websites, I've read many of the books (including Pete Ramey's), but what I needed was a  visual presentation that would give me the confidence needed to try that  first trim. You're DVD was perfect!  
Eric, CA

We are extremely impressed and excited about practicing and learning to trim our horses.  It isn't nearly as intimidating as we learn more about the goals.  Keep up the great work and please realize that you are a prayer answered for so many horse owners.   
Dan, WA

What a very good DVD you made! It was easy to understand and done in laymans language. I've watched the trimming twice. It was nice to be able to see exactly what you were doing.  Other DVD's are not as professional as this one and it's difficult to see what exactly what he's doing! Debbie Gwinn, WA

Great DVD!  Very professional.  My wife is a teacher and she was very impressed with your teaching style.  
Cliff Kinnaman, WA

Your DVD is awesome! It is wonderful. I love how it repeats so I don't have to replay what I want to hear again. It is totally totally totally too cool.  
Linda Lee, WA

I liked your video.  Well done!
Pete Ramey

Please do not hesitate to email Pat with specific hoof concerns.

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Discovering Your Horse's Natural Hooves - How to Trim the Barefoot Horse
Our year long project professionally filmed and edited.
 HD - DVD, Signed Copies.

This DVD has been the answer to horse owners all over the world just like you. The DVD outlines the trimming methods and tools you'll need to conquer, on your own, most any hoof issue your horses have been living with for years. Even if you're not able to trim, or have no desire for the physical work, you will learn trimming strategies for healthy hooves and you will begin educating your eyes so you can see the form of a healthy, functional hoof. 

After hitting a wall myself trying to find a better way to manage our horse's hooves, I set out to learn all I could to help our equines develop beautiful and functional feet. I spent years mentoring with barefoot trimmers around the country. Then I became a hoof trimming field instructor and clinician. My dream to help as many horse owners as I could was soon fulfilled after a call from the owners of Epona Productions with a request to assist them with their beautiful horses. My story was shared with John and Gayle and soon we were filming this DVD! Which also helps us support our sanctuary equines. 

“One of the most liberating and gratifying skills a horse owner can acquire is to become proficient at trimming their own horses’ hooves." Patricia Morgan Wagner

100% of proceeds benefit the Sanctuary horses. Thank you for your support.

 See testimonials and pictures below.
DVD Chapters:
1.  Introduction
2.  Trimming Tools
3.  Hoof Anatomy’
4.  Diet & Environment
5.  Practice Hoof
6.  The Trim
7.  Maintenance Trim
8.  Getting Started
9.  Trimming a Donkey
10. Riding Barefoot
11. A final Word
 Pictures below slightly scewed due to coming from video .

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Educating our eyes to hoof form.
Hoof anatomy in laymans terms