Boomer and Griffin
Boomer sees the Dr. Vetter for a checkup!  His teeth are in great shape!
Boomer standing at the door to the feed room.  Just wondering what's going on inside.
Boomer and Annie meet for the first time.  He's the one with his interested ears.  She's not so sure.

Names: Boomer & Annie

Born:  Boomer around 1999 and Annie around 2004

Breed: Miniature Donkeys

Boomer came to us in May of 2005.  His hooves needed more care than what they were getting.  His hoof walls were long, but chipping away at the toe so that the sole was exposed, extending past his wall and his walls   His rescue mom called me in on the case and it was determined that if I didn't bring this cute donkey home, bringing his feet back to natural would require lots of visits to her farm. His hooves are in good shape now!

Annie came to live with us in October of 2007.   She was Trudy's pasture mate.  Their owner had passed away and caring for them was becoming difficult.  Again, I was called in to trim their hooves as they had been long overdue.  And soon after, both minis came to live with us. 

Boomer and Annie are inseparable now and both donkey's are awesome with kids and adults. 
Boomer enjoying a good scatch and just spending time with a buddy.
Annie loves attention on a sunny day!
Bird on my butt!  No biggie.