Name: Really Unique

Barn Name: Captain

Breed: Thoroughbred (Off Track)

Born: January 27, 2001

Date arrived: May 13, 2011

Cap arrived here as a horse that was to be rehabilitated and sent back to is owners that he'd lived with for the past 3 years.  We were advised that he'd been a good riding horse and that he'd been ridden fairly hard as a trail horse until he went lame.  Several farriers could not help him.  He was slated to be put down if couldn't help him.

Captain, as he was refered to, seemed like a very sweet gentle soul. His body shows some old scars due to a few accidents that banged up his legs.  And it was obvious that his painful hooves were causing issues up in his body.  I wondered how bad his hooves had gotten before he was no longer deemed sound enough to ride.  I believe young Captain just learned to push through incredible pain.

We gave him some grain upon his arrival here and the first thing I noticed was that his teeth might be bothering him.  He had lice and probably worms, so he was treated for both, and buted for pain.  It was going to require much more to rehab Cap than his owners were asked to pay, but as with all our cases, we became determined to help this horse. 

As predicted, a few days after we brought him home, his owners decided they didn't want him back and let us know via email that he was our horse now.  That was really okay with us.

Cap has a tattoo on his lip.  So we went to the jockey club website and learned that he was born in Oregon and his registered name is Really Unique.  He raced at Portland Meadows and won a few thousand dollars in his short career. I'm guessing it was his knee that cut his racing days short.  His knee doesn’t seem to bother him now, but as with most OTTB’s, his left knee had been compromised.

Cap is a wonderfully sweet horse and contrary to the demeanor of many TB’s, he’s basically bombproof. He doesn’t seem to worry about things that would bother even the calmest horses.  He is gentle and very sweet.  When his hooves are sound, we hope he can go to a great home with someone who needs a recreational riding horse, with a lovely horsenality!

We will begin testing his ground work soon and we'll be determining how well he works under saddle.  But for now, he’s just eating and loving life.

If you'd like to help with to Cap's rehab costs, please go to our donations page.  Thank you.
Cap's first day here.  We discovered that he has to eat his feed from the ground or he shows signs of discomfort, even distress while eating.  He'll be seeing an equine dentist as soon as possible.
Recent farrier trim of his painful duck feet.  This was done just before we picked him up.  I'm surprised they didn't try to nail a shoe onto this.  This kind of work should be illegal.
So starved for proper nutrition you could see daylight between his cheeks.  That's not normal.
Long pretty tail and stronger hind quarters.
All four feet seriously abscessed due to the flare.
Same foot as above after starting our first trim.   Captain was slated to be put down due to hoof pain.  A lack of nutrition and no hoof care, will cause hoof pain eventually.    Not sure how the horse deserved to be put down for the circumstances he has no control over.
A Start.
Pictures below taken 8-20-2011.  A new beginning for Cap!
No more daylight seen through those cheeks!
Growing out new feet.  His hooves are all processing severe abscesses.  We know his feet will be healthy and normal, but it will take some time to grow out the splitting wall, and trim off the necrotic material that he is sloughing now.  This is a great start for only 14 weeks into his rehabilitation program.
Sporting new hoof boots!
From This!
To This!
"Here you go! Cap!"
"Thanks for the hay Kid.  Yes, you can sit on my back!"
"Good Boy, Cappy"
But he still has a ways to go...
He's gained about 200 pounds.
Update: September 2012
Captain now...
"...enough said?"
Cap is ready to for a new loving home.  He will need light riding, by a light rider to keep his knee in check.  We've been told he's done some trail riding.   We haven't been on board yet.  He'll need riding boots as well for trails. His adoption fee is $500. which we are williing to discuss waiving.  His first new home trim is free.