Larks Flashy Diamond

Barn Name: Danny

Born: May 14, 1999

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Danny is Missy's first born.  When Missy was 8 years old, I started searching for the perfect stallion.  I finally found a World Super Horse Champion named Rugged Lark in Florida.  He was well known on the East Coast. We have the book about his life and of course the Beyer model in his likeness! 

I wanted to breed my mare to Rugged Lark, but then I found a son of Rugged Lark, Larks Favorite, living at a breeding farm in LaCenter, Washington.

After conversations with the owner, Kim Behrens, about breeding and mare care, I took Missy to her farm.   They took great care of my girl.  That is always my main concern when my horses aren't in my care.

When Missy was 10, Danny arrived!  He was a little stinker of a colt!  He had a sense of humor and thought his antics were pretty cute!   He and my grandson have much in common!

Danny is an awesome trail horse and has been on some fun trail rides and has tough feet that, of course, have never been shod.

His mom is a tough act to follow, but Danny is one of the Super Horse of my World. 
Danny wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he did have a diamond on his head!
Snow day at the farm.
Fun in the pond with a friend!
Danny and his mom, ready for a ride!  My niece,Phyl, is on Missy.
Handsome boy
Picture taken from the Barefoot Trimming DVD.
He thinks he's a Diva already!  He also tried to untie himself while he was on-camera.  He's a funny boy!
Photo album of Danny
Four years old.  Danny was late to mature and a very easy keeper!
At the beach!
Then and Now
His Front Feet!
Hind Foot
Two years old with my neighbor.  That boy is all grown up now and his younger horse crazy sister has taken his place.
Okay, I admit it, after his mom, he's my favorite!  Even though he is a stinker.
I had gooped his feet up with Rainmaker before I took these pictures and if you spotted the flare in the quarters on his hinds - good eye!