We are an official 5013c non-profit organization dedicated to aiding equines whose hooves have fallen into a state of disrepair for any reason.  We work diligently to return them to a condition where they can move painfree.  That process takes time, pain management drugs, and a proper diet. 

We also work tirelessly to keep their environment healthy and their minds happy.

To our donors listed below, and our anonymous donors, we thank you sincerely.

Your generosity, and volunteer efforts, have truly made a difference in the lives of our resident and recuperating horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Thank you so much.   (Fed Tax ID #26-4758206 incorporated in 2009)

Rich and Pat Wagner

Donations to help our horses can be mailed to:
REHRC, PO Box 1272, Rainier WA 98576
or by using links below.

You may click on the donate button above to type in a donation amount or click on one of the links below.  Please note if your donation should be designated to the scholarship fund. Thank you!
We couldn't do this without the help of generous donors!
We have received generous donations in memory of Mrs Linda McAuliffe-Roderick, of Lithonia, GA 30058, USA. Sadly Linda passed away recently and her family requested that friends should make a donation in her name to one of her charities.  We are so indebted to the kindness of Linda, her family and her friends.  I so wish we could have expressed our appreciation to Linda personally.  Her kindness and the generousity of her loved ones will live on through the hearts of our equines.  

Thank you for your donations:
Mr. Robert Lindford of Essex, UK
Carol Martensson, Goteborg, Sweden

Linda chose our facility as a charity on behalf of a horse named Banshee who touched her heart.  Please see Banshee for her story.