Family Pets

Some of our pets arrive here because we chose them, some chose us.  Either way, we love them all.
Murphy - Loved to chase birds and ride on heavy equipment and swimming!  He spent 11 years here with us and he was a super dog!
Raisin - Born to be wild, but we tamed her.
Sophie - a very pretty cat. Sadly Sophie died in an accident in the Fall of 2013 at 13 years.
Odie - Just a guy looking for a place to live and he found us!
Odie has really become an important part of the pet family.  He's an uncle to Uno and has taught him a lot.  He's gotten brave about coming in the house when he wuoldn't step thru the door when he came.  Uno helped him build his courage.
Lucy - was a tiny puppy when she was dropped off at our doorstep on a cold January day in 2001.  She grew up to be a great dog.
We miss you.
Scrunchie Joy
Our Curly Coated Car Alarm.
Relaxin' in the sun.
Do they make helmets for dogs?
June 16, 2011.  We lost Lucy due to poisoning.  She was a wonderful, healthy, strong dog and we sure didn't expect to loose her so soon.
High Five!
Family pets we've loved and lost since we've been here.  They are all missed so much.
Little Mae - Born in a barn.  For real!
Little Mae - passed away suddenly on 12-29-2012. She was 7 years old
Mae was a super sweet little girl.  I picked her out of a litter of about 12 pups.  Her mom was a border collie and about the smartest dog I've met.  And her dad was a pretty Aussie who looked alot like Murphy.  So I had to have her when I met her parents.  She was the most timid of the pups, so I felt she might be the last to be picked.  So I picked her first.  She's was a sweetie and will be missed.  12-29-2012.  A sad day.
Odie Loves Water!
DOB 3-13-2013
Uno Lindo Perro - One Cute Dog!

If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.
Wally - The smartest and sweetest dog ever! Wally loved kids and good to all the dogs and people in his life.  He was tolerant and intelligent and had to put up with a lot in his life.  But his life was so short, he was 4 years old when he was killed.  He will always be missed so much. 
Wally & Sheila 1999