Mckenzies Shadow

Barn Name: Forrest

Born:  June 4, 1999

Breed: Clydesdale Warmblood  Cross

Forrest joined us as a happy, homely yearling.
He wasn’t a rescue case, but he was headed
for the auction if someone didn’t buy him.

I took one look at his big ol' head and
his friendly eyes and bought him on the spot.

I thought he would be a great companion
for Danny, who was born to my mare the same year that Forrest was born.

Danny and Forrest are still great friends although Forrest’s size qualified him to be the boss over Danny.  That is...when Missy wasn’t around.

Forrest, although he might not be the most beautiful horse you’ve ever seen, he is a beautiful mover.  He really enjoys showing off.  He's got moves like Jagger!

Forrest loves people, is a willing partner in the arena, but a little bit spooky on the trails.

A cast iron model I painted to resemble the big guy.
Playing in the pen!
Our horses love the willow trees!  They munch on the leaves.  Willow is good for them and the trees grow fast.  So we've planted a few of them in our yard and near the pastures.
Forrest grew into his now regal head!
This picture was taken from our Barefoot Trim DVD.