Meet Woody and Arlo Goathrie!
Woody and Arlo are brothers born March 27, 2014.  We have spent a winter goatless and just couldn't go any longer with an empty goat pen!  We are raising Woody and Arlo on bottles so they are super friendly and spoiled. 
Woody is the light colored kid.  He is a tough little guy, shorter and stocker than Arlo.  Woody is not picky about anything.  His milk can be warm or cold or beer for all he cares as long as the nipple on the bottle works, he's good. 
Arlo is taller than Woody, and slender.  He doesn't like dogs and he likes his milk warm and he has a preference in how the bottle nipple functions.  The flow must be just right and he complains when his meals are not satisfactory.  He likes his bedding to be clean and tidy and won't sleep just anywhere.  He's more of the fuss budget of the two.
LOTS more pics to come as they grow.