During the summer of 2008 we found Hank down in his pasture.  He was a few days from being euthanized due to chronic lameness.  Diagnosed by a hoof care person without xrays as navicular.  It's likely his lameness issues started out as a whiteline abscess and because of being improperly treated, (as often happens) he became chronically lame.

He had plastic plates nailed to his hooves and he was in so much pain he couldn't get up and remain standing for mor than a few minutes.

The first thing we did was remove the contraptions
attached to his hooves. Then we gave him time to heal.

Gradually, he remained standing and moving more,
even running around the pasture when he feels sassy!
He doesn't lay down any more often than any other horse,
just to rest, and not to take a load off his painful feet.

His hooves have some work to do yet to complete
the healing process, and some lameness still shows up
at a working trot.  But we'll see how he is in about 6 months. 

We don’t know yet if he’ll ever be 100% sound again,
but everyone who meets Hank loves him.
He’s a wonderful horse and extremely handsome.
A  little bit lazy, but that's okay with us.

Update on Hank: As of 5-25-2010,  Hank's lameness seemed to come and go over the past year.  His hooves are doing great, so we wonder if he just needs more time from what his hooves were originally put through or he may have suffered an injury that comes back to haunt him now and then.  But he doesn't spend most of his time laying down like he did when he first arrived her.  In fact, we rarely see him laying down now.  So he's much improved.

Update on Hank: As of 10-2-2011, Working on Hank's hooves is a bit like working on an excavation project. We've gotten an area in his hoof that has been waiting to be unearthed and sloughed out.    His gait is solid now so he's doing really well!  That beats the alternative he was facing before we took him in! 
Update on Hank:  Summer 2015.  Hank is in a great foster home now only a couple miles from here.  He's became a pasture pal for a lonely horse named Chase. When the 2 boys met, they became instant friends.  It was so cool to see.  Hank's feet are in great shape and he seems happy with his new buddy.

The shoes Hank was sporting when he arrived.  It's called "corrective shoeing." That's not what we call it.
Summer days!
What's up?
Why do they always toss the hay so far out in the field?
With his hooves feeling so much better, Hank volunteered for a short time for a program called Horses for Heros.  He liked being a therapy horse for soldiers. He did awesome.  He still offers his services on an individual basis and kid and novice adults love to be with him.

Here his hooves were about 1/2 way back to normal.

Kids are one of Hank's favorites!  Load 'em up!
Hankering for Healthy Feet!

Barn Name: Hank

Born: Hank is a registered quarter horse, but along with his real name, his registration and his background became a mystery. We were told he was 6 when we picked him up, but equine dentist suspected he was quit a bit older so he was likely born between 1994 and 1996.

Breed: AQHA - possibly a  former cutting horse.
It took some tricky trimming work to get Hank's feet back on track and matching up to each other.  But we did it and he's doing great today!