Hoof Boots!
Pat Wagner 8-2013
My current preference in hoof boots is two different types of boots by Easycare, Inc.  One is the Trail and one is the Back Country.  This summer, I’ve been riding Danny with boots on all fours and mainly with 4 Back Country boots.  Sometimes, for quick rides that seem like we won’t be running into lots of twist and turns on narrow trails, mud, or areas where a boot might twist, I use the Trails for ease of application and no screws to come loose.
If you use the Back Country boots, you just want to make sure those screws are tight before you take off.  If you do that, they are great boots. 

The Trails.  Easy to put on and remove and substitute nicely as rehab boots.
Trails on the front and Back Country boots on the hinds for this ride.  A good set up for recreational trail riding.
The Trails: I prefer the traction of the Trails as well as the ease of application.  They come in one piece so if the boot should become damaged you have to replace the entire boot.   The Trails, I’ve found, also make great rehab boots!

Back Country - Fit is more precise then the Trails but boots are made for vigerous riding!  (stock picture)  
The Back Country boots come in 3 pieces (which explains the screws) so damaged “parts” can be replaced rather then the entire boot as is the case with the Trails.  I recommend purchasing extra screw sets when (not if) you need to replace them.

The Back Countries fit well, as does the Trail and I’ve never experienced rubbing with either boot. 

Usually if there are issues with these 2 types of boots, it's due to incorrect sizing, or not applying them correctly.  They come with a warrantee and directions on application.

Any hoof boot that come with Velcro fasteners will at some point lose it’s connective strength once the Velcro material becomes clogged with grass and hair.  However, for a few bucks, you too can pick up a wire brush and that will clean the Velcro and the rest the boots in just a few strokes.  Keep a few wire brushes handy.

I use them to clean the bottoms of my horse’s hooves before applying the boot to make sure there is no debris in the bottoms of his feet prior to booting. 
Then with the same brush just whisk off the grass and hair out of the Velcro and you’re ready to go!  Happy Trails!

Tips on Boot Care & Cleaning!
After your ride, hose your boots off and out and let them dry.  Then go back and check for missing screws or tears, etc.  If the boots are used only once or twice and there is any problems contact your Easycare dealer or Easycare, Inc directly, just in case the issue is with the boot itself.  Easycare stands behind their boots, but  of course, you have to take care of them to make them last.

These are my personal favorite riding boot! (2-2014)