Register below for the Hoof Trimming Clinic that will be held in Honey Brook, PA Scheduled for STAY TUNED FOR NEXT YEARS DATES. (No other clinics are scheduled at this time for 2017)

Total Fee $265 You will automatically receive a DVD when you register for a clinic and pay a $65 deposit.  Balance will be expected on the first day of the clinic.  The deposit is not refundable but you receive our Hoof Trimming DVD.

Anyone attending the clinics should have viewed our DVD.  

Basic Clinic Agenda 

Review of trimming Tools
Hoof anatomy
Relating Diet, Environment, and Movement to healthy hooves
Hoof Boots
Transitioning shod hooves to barefoot
Handling behavioral issues while you're trimming
Biomechanics of the horse as it relates to a healthy hoof
Hoof ailments (mainly abscesses)
Trimming the foundered hoof
Student Trimming

* Learning a new skill such as hoof trimming, where you are working with sometimes uncooperative live animals, is challenging in itself. Inferior tools only add an unnecessary level of difficulty and risk (for horses and humans) to the job. A liability waiver will be signed on the first day.

Clinics are intended for adults, but interested teens are welcome also.  You should have watched our hoof trimming DVD Discovering Your Horse's Natural Hooves - How to trim the barefoot horse before attending the clinic.  

To sign up: Use the donation link above and a space will be held for you in the clinic, and you will receive an email explaining what to expect when you arrive.    

The balance can be paid when you arrive and waiver forms will be signed at that time as well.   Minimum of 10 participants

Items to bring, bring what you have - not all are mandatory for the clinic: 
Hoof pick
Nippers - GE preferred 
Hoof knife - steel - not aluminum (see tools page also) 
Rasp (Heller Legend preferably or Save Edge)
Rasp handle (prefer the round aluminum ones - in stock here)
Wire brush, - (prefer plastic handle. Hobart is a good brand.) 
Marking pen
Hoof Jack Stand if you have one. If not, I have extras you can borrow while you're here, but if you’ll need one eventually.
a marking pen, paper for notes, and wear sturdy shoes and long pants.  (I know it’s common sense, but I’ve had to remind students in the past that shorts and sandals aren’t safe around horses. )

Thank you! 

All clinic proceeds benefit the horses in rehab at the REHRC!
Register using links below. 

 If you have any questions: please contact Pat

Check out our tools page, but most of the above tools list can be purchased at any Farrier Supply Store. (On line as well.) 

Contact info for Olympia Farrier Supply is: 
Ken and Max
1015 85th Avenue SE Bldg E 
Olympia WA 98501 

Mailing address is: 
Patricia  Wagner 
PO Box 1272 
Rainier WA. 98576 
More information below the pictures
Hoof Trimming Clinic Schedule 2017

We also offer short presentations on the "Barefoot Approach to Hoof Care."  If a presentation that lasts 2 or 3 hours and details the advantages of natural hoof care is something you'd be interested in hosting at your facility, please contact Pat.  We are happy to do that for local equine related businesses for a small donation. 
Rehabbing Hooves requires 3 T's:
Time + Travel + Trims = Healthy Hooves!