Horsemanship Camps For Kids

These camps are no longer offered but we leave this page up because of the  great memories we have of spending time with these kids. 

We start at the very basics of relationships and responsibilities required of safe horsemanship.  Starting with how to safely go out into a herd of horses and bring horses to the barn, to sending horses back out into the pasture at the end of the day and everything in between.  

We learn about horse anatomy, horse-personalities,
grooming, hoofcare, groundplay, riding and much more.    

Participants should bring a riding helmet and dress
appropriately for getting dirty - wear long pants, 
comfortable tops and protective boots.  
No sandals or tennis shoes.  

Snacks provided.

Waivers must be signed before participation.  
Space is limited!  Cost: (Not yet determined for 2012) 
Fees benefit the horses in rehabilitation at the REHRC.  

For questions or to register for classes send an email! 
"Time spent with equines is a time of discovery about ourselves."
                                               Pat Wagner 
We learn about responsibility to our equine friends and...
...responsibility to our human friends!
We learn that relationships with each other and our horses are similar in many ways!
We don't learn to "show the horse who is the boss."  Instead, we allow the horse to teach us how we can be a fair partner.
We learn that horses LOVE grazing walks!
Thank you to our photographer and helper, Griffin.
We learn to look out for one-another.
We focus on more of this...
...and lots of this!
...less of this...
and this!
We learn that when we interact with our horses, there's more to it than "us" getting to ride.  We prove to our horses that while we're together we all should benefit!  
We learn to overcome obstacles in our path and that sometimes we have choices to make. Whether we should go...
We learn from each other.
We learn that a job well done can feel good,

                  and that no job is too big or...
What do we learn at horse camp?
Consequently, our horses are NOT hard to catch.  They catch us!
Over It
...or too small
Under It
Through It
or Around It
Or too medium.
We take the time to learn the language of the horse.
We learn that the horse we lead, is the same horse we ride... 

...and a good foundation leads to a safer horse on the ground                               

up top!
We learn to consider our own safety and the safety of others...

...and learn from our mistakes.  

(Oops!  It's a good thing Missy is good about people around her back end!)
At the end of the day, it's about helping each other and working together.
Raisin says: "We all have an opinion, but mine is the only one that counts!"  We learn that only cats can get away with thinking like that.