Name: Minni Mouse aka Coffee Bean

Breed: Miniature Mule

Born: possibly around 2006

Minnie's story is an interesting one.  She came to us as a mad, mean little mule with hooves that were long neglected.  Now she's a pretty sweet, happy little mule.  Still not as trusting of people as we would like, but due to her wild start in life, I don't expect to ever completely trust humans.  But that's okay, she has a forever home here with us.

Her first summer with us.  Not such a mean girl now.
Minnie was a mean girl
When she came here she was wearing these hooves.  Fronts above, hinds below.
This is mini now.  Yes, it's the same little mule.  After the extreme mule makeover.
Her hated humans with a vengence before and, she thinks we're alright.
Just relaxing in the field.  She's a happy mule now.