Macs Flashy Miss

Barn Name: Missy

Born:  May 10, 1988

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Missy was my first horse after being horse-less for a few years. Every now and then, if we are lucky, we find the animal who connect with our heart.  Whether it is a special dog, or cat or horse.  Missy is my heart horse.

When I first noticed her, she was being boarded in our neighbors field.  I didn't pay much attention to her the first couple years that I would pass her on my way to work everyday.  But Rich got to know her by taking her a carrot every afternoon on his way to get the paper out of the paper box at the end of our long driveway.

It was brought to my attention several times that she was for sale, and finally, I took a closer look.  Buying Missy was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.  I owe my career to her.  That horse is one of the sweetest, smartest most lovely horses a person could own and she changed our lives in so many ways - just by being herself.

Missy and I have put many miles on the trails.  So many, we've earned AQHA patches for the number of hours we've ridden together - well over 500.  Missy is great with kids and even at her age, she's still going strong.

I've heard that if you're lucky enough to own one great horse in your lifetime, you are lucky enough.  I'm very lucky.
A fun picture I took against Missy's side. (contrasting textures)  I wonder what type of flower this is.  If you know please email me.
Missy with Baby Neenah, May 2008.  She is a wonderful mom.
With our granddaughters in March of 2010.  Missy is 22 now and she's pretty great with kids.
Missy is the horse that led me to natural hoofcare and changed my life forever.
1997, a year after Missy and  I met each other.   She helped me lose weight and I helped her gain!
Ready to ride!  This was taken right after moving to our property in Rainier.  Missy was an amazing mare in her prime.  And still is!
She doesn't stop at letting kids on her back.   Missy is a good sport!
Missy took 8 year old Elisabeth on her first trail ride.  Both had a great time.  She stands patiently for tack adjustments.
Fall 2012: We no longer ride Missy.  She has a condition called Fibrotic Myopathy as well as arthritis in her spine. These painful conditions can be caused by injuries to the hind quarters or over use as a young horse. Like repeated sliding stops.  Missy was in reining and cutting training before we purchased her.  Some times old injuries can come back to haunt us all.  Which is sad because this mare still has so much to offer as far as teaching. But she will forever be a pasture pet now. 

New Years!  2016, Missy is going to turn 28 this year and still awesome.  We are both aging together, my heart horse and me.  I would not be the person I am today, without her.  I owe so much to this wonderful mare including her two awesome babies.  Who I will never part with until their or my time comes.
Missy's son Danny!  He's taken her place as my main riding horse.  She gave him all the good stuff she has.
Missy's daughter Neenah, an Azteca mare.  This is her first ride.   Her calmness is a tribute to her mom.