Name: Neenah

Born: May 24, 2008.

Breed: Azteca

Missy may have been as surprised as we were when we found out she had a baby on the way! 

Neenah was a surprise baby!   An Azetca Surprise!

There is a story behind Neenah coming into the world.  It started with a beautiful and expensive  mare who was imported from Brazil and owned by Rainey Valley Farms.

She was in foal and recovering from an injury to her front leg, but she had developed laminitis in the other front leg from supporting her weight.  When I heard about her, things were not looking very good for this pretty mare.

Because of the owners dedication, and the help of their vet, and a little known trimming technique, the mare's life was ultimately saved as was her foal! 

As this was going on, they were also welcoming a new stallion to their barn, Navarano.  One day, after checking on their mare's progress, I came home with a few viles of the Nav's little swimmers.

This wasn't planned and I assumed my mare would not likely take.  And when preg checked later, as we suspected, our vet didn't feel that the AI took.  So Missy went on with life as normal.  Until she started getting fat!

Six weeks after Missy was checked again, Neenah arrived!

She has her mom's lovely personality and we think she will be as pretty as her Papa!

Not yet a yearling. 
She loves a good scratching!
Me and granddaughter Natalie.
"Keep scratching there please! " 
Funny girl!

Just doing what horses like to do! 
Baby album below - one week old !
Neenah and granddaughter, Olivia. Neenah has always been great with kids!
Below: Neenah at 3 years.
This picture was part of our original logo!  Loved the horses in the background!
Below: Neenah at 5 years.
Running with the herd
2014, Neenah - Spring of her 6th year! 
Neenah with her mom, Missy and below, her brother Danny.  A happy family!