About Pat Wagner
Patricia Morgan Wagner is widely regarded as one of the foremost Hoof Rehabilitation Practitioners in the field of Natural Hoof Care.  Pat and her husband, Rich, found themselves in the same situation as many other horse owners.  When their horses could no longer live with traditional hoofcare she began her journey into a lesser known and more controversial area of hoofcare. 

Formerly a city government employee for 14 years, Pat became part of the grassroots movement of natural hoofcare.  Her journey has taken her all over the U.S. mentoring with Pete Ramey, Todd Jaynes, and many experts in this field. 

Pat continues her education in all aspects of hoof health, and has attended clinics with Ove Lind, Director of the Swedish Hoof School, and MSU professor of pathobiology, Dr. Robert Bowker.

In January of 2006, Pat  became certified through the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners (former AANHCP) as a natural hoofcare practitioner and field instructor. 

Then later she became certified with the American Hoof Association (AHA) as well as the Pacific Hoof Care Pracititioners (PHCP) and is now a former member of each association, with future plans to develop her own training facility and Hoof Rehab Association.

Pat has found her true calling of saving horses from the ground up.  She operates a successful barefoot trimming business aptly named, Heel First Landings, Inc.

Hoof trimming workship for a 4-H group.  Kids love to learn about horse feet!
Sometimes I actually get to ride! 
Hoof trimming presentations for a good cause like Celebrate the Horse.
March 2010.  Getting the horses through another wet winter.
Discussing hooves in our garage classroom.
Me and Danny on the Beach!
Yep, I have a thing for horses!
Looking down.  I believe in saving horses from the ground up!
Me and Danny are ready to ride!
And I think they like me too!