Rich Wagner
Rich is a local boy, born in 1950, in the same county where we live today.

He's a Viet Nam Veteran and has worked in heavy construction all his life.

He is the glue that holds this operation together.  He can build or fix anything he takes an interest in, even though an accident left him without a left hand.

Rich was raising his 3 daughters, when we married  in 1989.   

Rich has always worked very hard for several different companies over the years and he's made huge improvements to our property.

He helps take care of the horses, as well as the dogs and cats.

Rich has been the most wonderfully supportive husband a dreamer like me could be married to.

He's gotten his education in horse care and natural hoofcare right along with me.  He's traveled with me on most of my mentorship trips as well as taking me to many Parelli Natural Horsemanship confererences and tour stops.

Rich has the ability to calm just about any horse and his help is often required when working on some of the horses that come to us for rehabilitation.

Although, he has his own horse, Forrest, Rich doesn't ride...yet.

His dreams and mine were similar, but I'm not sure he would have put in for rehabbing horses with hoof issues.  That part I might have dreamed up for him!  Still it has been a good ride!
Grampa teaching Griffin how to drive the  tractor.
Fenceposts!  A never ending job.
He and Missy have had a special bond relationship since the day they met.
Building the bridge over our pond with helpful friends.
Finished Bridge works for the drafts!