Name: Roger (the donkey formerly known as Rufus)

Breed: Donkey

Arrival date: July, 2009

Born:  Roger could be anywhere from 15 to 25

We came across Roger on Craigslist.   He was looking for a good home and I'm not sure why we did, but we loaded our grandkids who were spending some with us that weekend into the truck and drove to Oak Harbor to bring him home.

Roger was Rufus at the time.  He had lived alone for many years because he was still an intact male.  His hooves were very long as he made pedicures more than a challenge.  We were told he needed to be sedated for hoof care, but that he also didn't handle sedatives very well.

After hearing all about Roger's past.history, we decided that the best thing to do was to enlist the help of our great friends, veterinarian, and equine dentist, Dr Richard Vetter and wife Cathy. who also helped us with Minnie. 

Our first order of business was to have Rufus gelded.  So soon after arriving here, our new donkey fell asleep as a lonely jack named Rufus and woke up as Roger!  Who was soon out in the pasture spending all his time with his own kind. 

Roger didn't mind kids, but was very distrusting of adults, but he had good reason.  Today, he's a happy donkey living in the herd with to other donkey friends that he play with eveyr day, Boomer and Annie.
Craigslist picture of Roger as Rufus. 
We later learned he was an intact Jack.
First day at the REHRC.  We told our Grandson Griffin that this could be his donkey and he promptly changed his name to Roger.  He felt Roger was a more dignified name for such a handsome donkey.
Roger's fronts and hinds before his first trim.  Which was pretty challenging considering drugs had always been used in the past to work on his feet.
Roger is extremely frightened of ropes. We were adviced that as a young donkey, some cowboys had cruely used him for roping practice.
Our grandkids rode with us to pick up Roger.  He was over 3 hours away. 
Roger with his new feet on - January 2010
Roger's previous owners loved him very much, but they were not sure how to address his fear of hoof handling and ropes.  He still runs at the site of a rope or halter, but once he is wearing a halter he's a very cooperative boy.  He just had to see that we were not going to hurt him.  Now he stand like a gentleman for his trims.  Roger also stars in our DVD, Discovering Your Horses Natural Hooves.
Update 5- 26-2012.  Roger was rehomed for a awhile with the owners of a single donkey.  Her name was Bianca.  It was a great match for him, unfortunately Bianca became ill and passed away.  Roger was left alone again.  So he's been returned to his herd today!  We're really happy to have him back in the fold and he's seems happy to be home with his donkey, mule and horse buddies.