Born: approx 2007

Breed: Minnie Stallion

Tiger ended up in need of a home as he came from the same residence as Star.  In fact, at that location there were about 30 minis that needed to be rehomed...Tiger was just one of them. 

We took him thinking we would just get him gelded and rehome him.  He was healthy other than needing his hooves trimmed.

The day came for him to have his surgery, and we discovered that he is actually a cryptorchid stallion, meaning only one testicle had dropped and the other was still inside him.  Surgery for this type of castration is exploratory and can be  expensive.  So it hasn't been done yet.

But it needs to be done soon because this condition become cancerous.

Currently Tiger is pastured with a Captain who takes very good care of him now that they have become buddies.  Captain also isn't adept at herd living so this works for both of them for the time being.

Tiger is super cute, sweet and friendly even as a little stallion.  So as a gelding, I'm sure he'll be just adorable.

While Tiger was sedated for the initial castration, we got a good look at his incisors.  Not good.  Breeding minis (any animals) needs to be carefully considered so that we are not passing down conditions like this.
Tiger's Big Day
March 25, 2013: Tiger finally gets to have his surgery!  Castrating a cryptorchid is a more complicated surgery than a normal castration.   Thanks to a donation from our generous friends, Mike and Gayle Peterson, Tiger no longer has to live a life of isolation that so many stallions do.  Even little stallions. (With Dr. Affeldt and staff. We thank them for their wonderful care in Tiger's surgery.)
The day after Tiger's surgery and he's feeling pretty good.   Right now he's getting to move about a small field, but he has to stay quiet most the time for at least 2 weeks.

Tiger will be as glad as we are that he went thru this. 

Next, we need to get those teeth worked over!